The AHSQC ORACLE uses preoperative and intraoperative information to estimate important 30 day and 1 year outcomes following elective ventral hernia repair using mesh. Postoperative results are estimated based on outcomes from data collected by the AHSQC. If you are a patient, you can use this tool together with a physician to estimate outcomes after ventral hernia repair with mesh.

Based on the patient characteristics selected, the tool shows the average number of people in a group of 100 (blue box with number) that will experience a surgical site infection (SSI), surgical site occurrence requiring procedural intervention (SSOPI), unexpected readmission to the hospital, or recurrence of the hernia 1 year after operation. The tool also show the estimated number of days in the hospital. The 95% confidence interval is also shown graphically as the blue bar below the number.

To use this tool, please input patient and procedure characteristics on the left-hand side of this page. As you edit these factors, you will see changes to the 30 day and 1 year postoperative outcomes based on the information selected. Definitions of the outcomes that can be estimated using this tool include:

  1. 30 Day Surgical site infection (SSI) - An infection that occurs in the part of the body where the surgery took place.
  2. 30 Day Surgical Site Occurrence Requiring Procedural Intervention (SSOPI) - Includes any SSI as well as wound cellulitis, non-healing incisional wound, fascial disruption, skin or soft tissue ischemia, skin or soft tissue necrosis, wound serous or purulent drainage, stitch abscess, seroma, hematoma, infected or exposed mesh, or development of an enterocutaneous fistula that requires opening of the wound, wound debridement, suture excision, percutaneous drainage, or partial or complete mesh removal.
  3. 30 Day Readmission - Any unplanned overnight stay in the hospital within 30 days of the operation.
  4. 1 Year Hernia Recurrence - Recurrence of the original ventral hernia 1 year after the operation.
  5. Length of Hospital Stay - Predicted length of stay during the original hernia repair, with day zero being the day of the ventral hernia repair.

Please remember that when using this tool, the estimates provided are for patients with similar preoperative and operative variables whose data are currently available within the AHSQC and that the patient's risk of any of these events may be higher or lower than the estimate provided. Patients should consult wtih and rely on their own doctor or surgeon concerning hernia tratment and should understand that the estimates provided by ORACLE are not intended to provide medical advice. All users agree that AHSQC Foundation is not responsible for any medical or clinical decisions made based on the estimates provided by the ORACLE tool. The use of ORACLE is subject to AHSQC Foundation's Terms of Use published at https://www.ahsqc.org/terms-of-use.

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